Wednesday , October 16th 2019
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Belovedkai CV Joint Boot Spreader Expander Installer Universal CV Boot Installation Air Tool Equipment

Belovedkai CV Joint Boot Spreader Expander Installer

Features: Professional quality pneumatic CV joint boot removal or installation tool. Install CVJ boot without removing drive shaft from the vehicle or the CV joint from the drive shaft. Used in conjunction with standard chuck type drill. Lubricate boot and place over expander fingers activate air vale to expand and place over joint and release. Operating range is from 20mm to 120mm. Description: Suitable for use with standard workshop air supply. Easy to use. Compact, lightweight and portable. Specification: Color: red Material: aluminium Item size: approx.20x20x48CM Package size: approx.48.5*20.5*20.5CM Package Included: 1 x CV Joint Boot Tool🌷Professional quality…

Price: 99.99
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